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Get Lippy Campaign


Abnormal vaginal bleeding is a ‘red-flag’ symptom of three of the five gynaecological cancers: womb, cervical and vaginal, which together affect around 13,150 women and people with gynae organs each and every year in the UK.

As part of the annual "Get Lippy" campaign which runs all through May, leading gynae cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, have published new survey findings (Yougov) to highlight the need for better awareness and to stop women sitting on symptoms.

Only one third of women also would go to the doctor if they experienced pain during sex (35%) and under half (47%) would call their doctor if they bled during or after sex- often one of the first tell-tale signs of cervical and vaginal cancer.

All through May, The Eve Appeal are calling for action on gynaecological cancer awareness so that everyone knows the red flag symptoms of the five gynae cancers and when they should seek medical advice.  

You can read more about the news in the Eve Appeal blog: 



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