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Older Persons Partnership Board


What is a Partnership Board?

A Partnership Board brings together different partners involved in the delivery of services for people over 55 and those with experience of using services. The purpose of the board is to strengthen joint working arrangements between organisations and to provide a forum where users of services can share their views and experiences so that they can be taken into consideration when local services and plans are being developed.

Who attends the Partnership Board?

The Partnership board is made of people who have an interest in older people’s services. This includes organisations involved in the delivery of services, people who use services and people who represent users of services. Organisations will include adult social care, the NHS and housing.

Individuals who have experience of services and want to share their own views are called ‘independent members’. Independent members are not asked to represent others but will be champions of their own views and experiences.

• Independent members of the Older People’s Partnership Board should be:

• Over the age of 55,
•  have experience of services provided in St Helens,
• be a carer of someone who has experience of receiving services in St Helens

What do members do?

Board members will meet every 3-months. The council will help members to arrange the meetings and make sure that everyone knows when and where the meeting is taking place.
The topics discussed at each meeting will be different and will be agreed by members before the meeting. Topics may include, listening to and discussing local strategies that are being developed, discussing examples of services that work well, asking statutory bodies questions about how local challenges or concerns are being addressed.


Meetings will be chaired by the Head of Commissioning or Director of Adults Social Services. This person will make sure that everyone’s views are heard and that all the important issues are discussed. 


If you are interested in being a member of the Older People’s Partnership Board, please email: Judith Nalton: [email protected] or Rebecca Ranson: [email protected] 

More information can also be found in the attachments below.





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