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‘End Of Life Care’ Booklet

This pack has been created to provide people with information about End of Life (EoL) care for either themselves or a loved one they are supporting. In today’s society people have become more open about discussing final wishes, with this in mind we have provided further information on what to consider when planning for the future.

By End of Life we mean when a person has reached the advanced stage of a progressive illness or condition, which may last days, months or even years. Sometimes death can be sudden and unexpected.

End of life care

  • is the total care of a person with an advanced, progressive, incurable illness or frailty
  • is not just about dying
  • may last a few days, or for months or years
  • begins when, and continues as long as, it is needed

How the booklet works:

Part 1: Approaching End of Life / Terminal Illness

Part 2: Death at Home

Part 3: The Period Following Death



End of Life Care Booklet

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