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Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Timeframes

GO AND SEE YOUR GP - If you have a lump, unexpected weight loss, appetite loss, lethargy or other symptoms that could be cancer

If your GP thinks there’s a possibility it is Cancer – you will be referred for an appointment within 2 weeks/14 days with a consultant / cancer specialist doctor.

You will see the consultant / cancer specialist doctor within 14 days and have diagnostic test shortly afterwards

Any treatment that can be offered will be discussed with you once your diagnosis is known and your first treatement, be that surgery, chemotherapy etc must be within 62 days of your referral.

You will then be referred for treatment.  This might not be at your local hospital, but where possible you will be referred to the facility best able to treat you.

The only thing that could delay any treatment for cancer is if you choose to postpone any treatment and/or you are not well enough to access the treatment. 


Please don’t sit and worry about something, it might not be cancer at all, but leaving it too long can reduce your chances of surviving cancer if it does turn out to be that!

Use your GP, practice nurse or the iVan when it’s in your neighbourhood to get advice and talk about any worries.

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